We make bow ties.

We're two engineering students from Perth, Western Australia looking to make a couple more necks look that bit more exciting. 

A trip to a Fremantle op-shop led to the purchase of a tatty little, black 'bat wing' self tying bow tie. This one tie for a year 12 ball was all it took to set the Freelance wheels in motion. After struggling through the first couple of attempts at tying it, Seb was hooked. He got three good years out of it until finally, it fell apart.

Sebastian, after an exhaustive search, failed to find a bow tie in Perth that was as quirky or with as much character, let alone one he could tie himself. His resourcefulness then kicked in, taking it upon himself to make a replacement to fill the void that the old worn out tie had left behind. With a bit of help from his sister and Dan, the first Freelance Bow Tie was born into existence.

Since then, Seb and Dan have produced numerous iterations of that original 'bat wing' bow tie, each with slightly better execution. Not to mention the pretty colours and designs that have become part and parcel of the Freelance identity.

That is how Freelance Bow Ties came to be.